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Group Care

Environmental Health

Group Care Facilities 

The Group Care Program is designed to ensure that group care facilities comply with minimum standards relating to the health, safety, and well-being of those using these facilities. This includes both residential and non-residential facilities.

Residential Facilities

Examples of residential facilities include assisted living facilities, drug treatment centers, or other treatment-based group homes.

Non-residential Facilities

Non-residential facilities include adult day care centers, public schools, and private schools.

The elderly, children, and immuno-compromised population living in group care facilities are more susceptible to disease.   Therefore, group care facilities are inspected on a regular basis by the Division of Environmental Health in order to reduce the risk of disease transmission to residents, workers, and visitors. Environmental Health personnel inspect the sanitation, operation, maintenance and food hygiene of group care facilities.

For more information on the Group Care Program, please visit the Department of Health Group Care Website.